大華繼顯呈獻:「NAKED FLOWERS 花舞光影展」

大華繼顯呈獻:「NAKED FLOWERS 花舞光影展」由日本知名光影創意公司 NAKED, INC.於創辦, 今年終首度來港登陸「1881」,為香港呈獻以花卉作主題的沉浸式五感之旅,展覽佔地約10,000呎,分設 8 大展區,為視覺、聽覺、觸覺、嗅覺、以至味覺帶來想像不到的震撼。

「NAKED FLOWERS 花舞光影展」將於 2024 年 4 月 27 日至 10 月 27 日假 「1881」公開展出,展覽期為 半年。團隊希望帶領大家走進夢幻花朵秘境,並巧妙地建構出極具 NAKED 風格的繽紛花花世界,將引領大家走進一個超越現實的魔幻花朵之境,將感觀體驗推向極致。

UOB KayHian Presents NAKED FLOWERS Hong Kong

Don’t let the Art March stop, welcoming the Naked Flowers Art Exhibition, presented by UOB KayHian, coming to Hong Kong for the first time. On the 27th April, The Naked Flower is arriving at 1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui for a total of 6 months, bringing you a multisensory experience through a journey of 8 different participatory arts rooms. The exhibition will begin with the popular digital art object “NAKED BIG BOOK”, then into the “FLOWER PATH”, and “DIGITAL FLOWER GARDEN” where you can experience three participatory arts in a space resembling a flower garden. Based on the concept of “Learning the secrets of flowers by touching them and enjoying them,” you can dive into this unique art experience in eight different areas to learn about the secrets of flowers.

日期: 2024年4月27日至2024年10月27日
Date: 27 April 2024 – 27 October 2024
時間: 早上11時至晚上10時
Time: 11am - 10pm
地點: 香港九龍尖沙咀廣東道2A號「1881」地下17B店鋪 & 地庫
Location: G17B & Basement, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
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TTT works: To The Top of the Town & Pin it

TTT stands for – To The Top

TTT - 互聯網上的俚語,意思是To the top置頂,最常用於在線聊天和簡訊中的首字母縮略詞。這也意味著處於人群頂部的消息/線程。 TTT works通過在策展方面的專業知識,不僅限於心靈的邊界,更利用空間美學,多感官環境,創造展覽,為觀眾提供非凡的體驗。 我們連接全球創作者並整合創意,為公眾創造富有想像力的展覽體驗。 核心業務包括藝人和代理授權、智慧財產權策展授權和原創內容。 致力於原創內容、IP策展授權、展覽空間和商場展覽策劃,業務包括藝人代理、線下門店及電商、整合行銷、文創產品開發等等。

Slang term on internet. Most commonly to be used acronyms in online chat and texting. It also means the messages / threads that always be on top of the crowds. By our expertise in curation, with not limited to the boundary of mind. We make use of the Space Aesthetic, Multi-Sensory environments, and creates exhibitions which provides extraordinary experience for audiences. We connect global creators and consolidate creative ideas to create imaginative exhibition experiences for the Public. Core businesses include Artist and agency authorization, IP curation authorization and Original content. Dedicated to original content, IP curation authorization, exhibition space and shopping mall exhibition planning, our businesses include artist agency, offline stores and e-commerce, integrated marketing, culture & creative product development